Day 1 : …. TEHRAN

Arrival in Tehran and reception of the group at the Imam Khomeini airport (IKA) by the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Visit Tehran, the capital of Iran with its fourteen million inhabitants. This modern city is at an average altitude of 1200 meters; at the foot of the Alborz mountain which the highest point is Damavand (5600m). Tehran is the center of commercial and cultural activities and also the seat of the Iranian government. After a panoramic tour of the city, we also visit the sites as :

1. The Archaeological Museum where the rare objects representing the history, art and culture of Persia from the 6th millennium BC to the beginning of the Islamic period (7th century) are grouped together.

2.The Archaeological Museum: By visiting the archaeological museum, tourists find the opportunity to experience Iranian art and culture from prehistory to Islamic times. The prehistoric and historical periods unite by fusion. The prehistoric pottery works well with bas-reliefs and inscriptions from Persepolis. Glass and Ceramics museum: The exhibition of objects is divided into five categories, in separate galleries .

  • The Enamel Gallery
  • The crystal gallery
  • The gallery of mother-of-pearl (9th-13th century AD)
  • The gallery of gold objects (9th-13th century AD)
  • The lapis lazuli gallery

Lunch Break: Traditional Iranian cuisine is remarkable and most of the time takes a long time to be prepared. Iranian meals are usually made up of rice, vegetables, meat and various kinds of bread. The most consumed hot drink is tea, especially after each meal.

3. Carpet Museum: art of weaving carpet in Iran is as old as its history. The presented carpets, urban or nomadic, range from the Achaemenes period to the 20th century. Overnight at hotel.


Day 3 :KERMAN SHAHDAD (kavir-e Lut)(100 km.)

After breakfast, departure for Rayen to visit a pre-Islamic citadel founded at Sassanid time. Continue to the Lut desert and the small town of Shahdad. Visit the Kalutes and beautiful pure landscapes in the heart of the desert. Dinner and night under the tent.

Day 4 :SHAHDAD (Kavir-e Lut)

Breakfast. An excursion to the desert. The Lut Desert, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers in the northeastern part of the province of Kerman, is classified by UNESCO. Field studies by Mr. Parviz Kardovani, a researcher and professor of geography at the University of Tehran, have shown that the center of this desert is the hottest place in the world: 70 degrees Celsius in the shade, and maybe even 100 degrees in the sun. Visit of the kaloutes and the archaeological site dating from the third millennium BC. A stay in the desert with its extraordinary landscapes could leave us unforgettable memories: The sunset in the desert with impressive chiaroscuro and a starry sky plunge visitors into beautiful dazzling dreams. Dinner and overnight in the tents of Shahdad campground.

Day 5 :SHAHDAD YAZD (369 km)

Early departure for Yazd. On the way a short circulation in the city of Kerman: The Friday mosque(14th-century); The traditional bazaar of Gandj-Alikhan (17th c.), Hammam and the traditional tea house. Continuation toward Yazd, On the way we visit a beautiful safavid caravanserai called Zinoddin which is now converted to a tourist hostel. Arrival at Yazd in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 6 : Yazd GARMEH (298 km)

After breakfast, visit the historic town of Yazd. The Friday mosque(14th-century), the Zoroastrian fire temple, and the towers of silence, the cemetery. Departure to Garmeh (one of the oldest oases in the desert) where still inhabit rare peasant families. On the way, visit the Robat-e- Poshte-Badam caravanserai which was a safe place where the caravans spent the night away from the bandits' attacks. We also visit the historic village of Bayazieh, which lies to the northeast of the great Kevir desert, and is located between three major provinces as Southern Khorasan, Isfahan and Yazd. Arrival in Garmeh and accommodation in a traditional house with a family and friendly atmosphere.

Day 7 :GARMEH (Dasht- e Kavir)

After breakfast, departure for the village of Mesr. In Persian language Mesr means Egypt. The country which reminds Iranians about Joseph (The Jewish Prophet) who was living in Egypt. About 100 years ago a village was created in deserts of Isfahan which the founder’s name was Joseph (Yousef in Persian), that’s why the village and surrounding desert is known as Mesr! here one can visit underground canals called Qantas. In this village we also visit a two-storey qanat which the depth is 50 meters. We walk in the sands in kaloutes, take a camel ride, taste the local cuisine and spend some unforgettable moments in an organic architecture in the desert with the inhabitants of the village who are friendly and very kind.

Day 8 : Garmeh MARANJAB

Wake up early and after breakfast, departure to Maranjab (salt lake). On the way visit the oases like Anarak and its historic citadel. We get to know the bioclimatic architecture which materials consist of elements from nature such as clay, straw and wood. When we leave Anarak, after 80 km, we arrive at Nain, a pearl in the middle of the desert. Nain is the center of fine arts and is known for its fine carpets, beautiful ceramics, textile and capes, brown felt fabrics, usually made of camel hair. It was in this city that Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Italian filmmaker turned part of his film of " the thousand and one nights", an adaptation of a novel that bore the same name. Visit the traditional bazaar, the ethological museum and the historical mosque of the Seljuk period (10th c.). Lunch in a traditional restaurant. In the afternoon, continue to the desert and Salt Lake of Maranjab. Visit of the Abbasid caravanserai (17th century). Dinner and night under the tent.

Day 9 : Maranjab TEHERAN (301 km)

Day entirely dedicated to the visit of the salt lake and to know the different species of fauna and flora, then we visit the region of Aran and Bidgol. Lunch. In the afternoon, departure for Tehran. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10 : TEHRAN ...

Transfer to IKA International Airport. Flight to . . .