Sadeh (zoroastrian ceremony)

Sadeh in Persian means "hundred" and refers to one hundred days and nights after the end of summer (or the beginning of long-winter known to start at the end of summer in ancient Iran). This feast was celebrated with grandeur and magnificence in ancient Persia. It was a festivity to honor fire and to overcome the forces of darkness, frost, and cold. The chief preparation is the gathering of wood, and everyone in the community is expected to contribute:
Shax-e shax-e (h) armani       'A branch, a branch ...
Har kas shax-e be-dehad       Whoever gives a branch,
khoda murAd-esh be-dehad!       May God grant his wish !
Har kas shax-e na-dehad,       Whoever does not give a branch,
Khoda murad-esh na-dehad!       May God not grant his wish !